At Inspiration Fitness, we know that you need more than just somewhere to train. So we have created a community, a place of excellence, a welcoming environment. This is our point of difference. We know you will like it!

New for 2019 - We want to guide and support you as you reclaim the body you once had! This is a 4 month package which includes personal consultations, body stats analysis, weekly accountability, nutritional support and a tailored fitness programme guaranteed to produce results. We are offering it to members at an additional cost of £34 per month for 4 months.

Achieve your own fitness and health goals with our body consultation, a personal trainer in Barnstaple will create a personalised fitness programme. Once you have built up 400 reward points - that is just after 4 visits to the gym - you are eligible to redeem them against a Body Consultation. During this initial meeting you will have time with a Personal Trainer to discuss your health and fitness goals, undergo body stats analysis and with this information in hand, the Personal Trainer will assign you a fitness programme on our app. As we know that accountability is key to any progress, you will be offered another meeting 6 weeks after starting to monitor your progress.

A study by Leeds Metropolitan University found that employees who visit the gym are more productive, more effective with time management, and feel more satisfied at the end of the day. There is growing evidence that exercise can help prevent and treat certain medical conditions, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes, and reduce the risk of cancer. The partnership between your company and Inspiration Fitness will make it easier for your employees to exercise and boost their well-being and productivity. We can provide a fully invoiced account, the flexibility to train either in the gym or participate in group training sessions held before and after work or during lunch hours, showering facilities, Body Stats analysis packages and programme allocation.

Please contact Jon Price on 07944569489 to discuss the the needs of the company as well as the payment packages we offer.

We offer a programme of sessions throughout the week specifically for the over 60 year olds focusing on balance and stability, joint strength and coordination. This is a growing community of people of varying abilities who meet up to three times a week for Instructor led sessions using body weight exercise, Pilates and assisted gym training sessions. It begins with an analysis of your starting ability and this is retested throughout the programme to monitor your improvement.

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FitSense is a revolutionary fitness app that has been developed in line with psychological research and help you to get the most out of your fitness routine. Use it to book onto classes and PT sessions from the comfort of your own home, to track and monitor your progress within the gym, to participate in our Group Heart Rate training sessions and earn reward points whilst you are at it. And once you have built up a bounty, the reward points can easily be redeemed for various pieces of merchandise, supplements or time with a trainer, next time you are in.


North Devon Physio is headed by Jane Cumming who has in excess of 24 years of experience and extensive knowledge in the treatment, rehabilitation and complete recovery from all types of injuries. Jane is based at Inspiration Fitness and if you would like to book time with her please call 01271 815912.