Group Training Session - Monday 10am to 10.45am

A 45 minute class based workout focusing on balance, mobility, strength and flexibility. This is a great session to meet people, get active and be challenged.

Pilates Session - Wednesday 10am to 11am

This is a 1 hour session in the studio with our trainer Judith who is specifically trained to develop your core and stability within a controlled and supportive environment. This is one of our Inspiration Fitness gym classes that will increase you confidence in your back and movement.

Gym Training Session - Friday 10am to 11am

This is a 50 minute session in the gym with a designated trainer on hand to support the Functional Living group. You will be supported through a group session working at your own pace, designed to reinforce what we are covering during the Group Training sessions. This session is also supported by the Group Heart Rate package so you will be able to monitor your heart rate training zones.